What you sacrifice to be “cool” 60 minutes

This powerful, engaging workshop is offered for multiple age groups. This is a very important conversation with students as they identify “what are they willing to sacrifice” to be a leader:

4th-5th-6th graders: The workshop begins with the students giving feedback on what it means to be cool in school. We discuss how their brains begin to change and develop and how they start to experience changes such as peer pressure, wanting to be with friends more, testing limits, and struggling with mood swings and self-esteem. At the end of the presentation, the students redefine what “cool” will be moving forward.

7th & 8th graders: We start with the students discussing what it means to be cool in middle school. We discuss how their brains change and develop from age 11 through the 20’s, as well as what the brain craves. We discuss emotional spark, social engagement, novelty, and creative exploration. At the end, the students redefine what “cool” will be moving forward.

Why exceptional leadership matters 60 minutes

5th-8th graders: This session moves beyond basic leadership and to a conversation on exceptional leadership, and why it is so critical for today’s students. With experience at middle schools through the collegiate level, this session inspires participants to be stronger leaders. This is a powerful session for students, student leaders, as well as student-athletes

Grit, Accountability, Caring, and Social Awareness…Let’s have fun! 60 minutes

4th-12th grade: In this age appropriate and highly interactive session, students discuss the definition of grit, accountability, caring, and social awareness in relation to their classmates, friends and life. The discussion goes much deeper than the easy answers, and moves toward how we can really impact those around us in a stronger and more positive way.

Student Retreats

Participants gather to discuss school, club, or team specific issues from exceptional leadership, faith, character and more.