Why exceptional leadership matters 60 minutes

This session moves beyond basic leadership and to a conversation on exceptional leadership, and why it is so critical for today’s collegiate student-athletes. This session inspires participants to be stronger leaders and take ownership for their behavior on and off the playing fields.

What motivates you to be successful? 60 minutes

This workshop allows each student-athlete to identify character traits they need to work on to continue to grow on and off the playing fields as they prepare for life after college. Participants leave with concrete steps for growth.


Collegiate Coach Workshops

Why exceptional leadership/coaching matters 90 minutes

This session examines why stepping up to exceptional coaching is so critical and important for teams and student-athletes. This workshop not only allows each coach to identify skills they need to improve, but also helps participants identify who they surround themselves with that will continue to drive them to be a stronger exceptional leader/coach.

What drives success 60-90 minutes

This clinic discusses character traits that determine success and growth in our student- athletes. When was the last time your coaches had a practice that went beyond the Xs and Os? Most coaches are loathe to give up practice time for team discussions. This session shows how these discussions are vital, and can lead to more success on and off the field.

 What motivates us to be successful and how to build a cohesive & rewarding team 90 minutes

Based on research into what drives successful leaders, this workshop combines what motivates each coach to be more successful with what drives the collegiate student-athlete to become a stronger team member.

Great communication because your words matter 60 minutes

How we communicate is critical for the success and cohesiveness of our team. How we speak matters, and what your team hears matters more. Communication skills are the basis for a rewarding team and exceptional leadership. We have to be able to communicate in many different ways. We have to be strong one-on-one, in small groups, large groups, in the heat of the moment, and in the calm of the day. This workshop examines how each coach can improve their individual communication skills on and off the playing fields.