Why Exceptional Leadership Matters 90 minutes

This session examines why stepping up to exceptional leadership is so critical and important in today’s business world. We all have the potential to be leaders, but how many people really understand what exceptional leadership looks like? This workshop allows each participant to identify the leadership skills that they have, the skills they need to improve, and gives attendees the tools to create a support network that will continue to drive them to be a stronger employee and an exceptional leader.

Build a Stronger Team 90 minutes

What motivates your staff to perform at their best? This session discusses how each individual team member is integral to the success of the team. What can you do to build and maintain a positive and safe work environment that supports your team as it strives for excellence? This session will enhance your team’s pride, energy, and passion to work together and more effectively.

What Drives Success 60-90 minutes

This clinic discusses character traits that determine success and growth on your team. When was the last time you had a meeting that went beyond the dollars and cents and inspired your team? You may not naturally associate business meetings with character development, but this session will show you how encouraging strong character in your team leads to greater success both personally and professionally.

Mental Toughness and Grit in Today’s Business World 60 minutes

Research tells us that employees today are not as resilient as in years past. What are the best leaders doing to build resiliency and problem solving skills on their teams? This workshop discusses why and how leaders should encourage grit everyday.

Team Building Retreats half-day or full-day

Create a customized session where participants gather to discuss business or team specific issues from exceptional leadership, character, and more.